How to Fix a Flickering Laptop Screen!

If you have a laptop screen which is flickering, it can really be problematic in many ways. Here are some steps by the help of our Dell Service Center, which you can easily solve this persistent problem by yourself:

Step # 1: At the first instance, you can alter the refresh rate so that it will easily be able to configure with the effectiveness of your laptop monitor. The refresh rate is considered to be a measurement with regards to the number of times your laptop screen redraws each second. In order to solve this issue simply right-click the desktop and select “Screen Resolution,” then you can click on the “Advanced Settings” and “Monitor.” When this feature is enabled, put a tick besides “Hide Modes That This Monitor Cannot Display” and select a higher refresh rate from the given list.

Step # 2: Update your graphics card drivers. This is one of the factors which can be the cause you are the type of a person who has always had a problem with flicker. Locate the “Hardware and Sound” in the Control Panel and click on the “Device Manager.” Under this heading, you will come across the exact brand and model of your video card. Log onto the manufacturer’s driver Web page and locate this model to download the appropriate drivers.

Step 3: If the flicker is the result occurs when OpenGL or DirectX is in use, turn on Vertical Sync and that too when you are playing a PC game. Horizontal flicker is reduced, which improves image quality.

Step # 4: Lower and then raise the laptop screen again and again to figure out whether the flicker is related to the movement. The most likely cause for this is hardware failure when the flicker of your laptop occurs when the laptop moves. You may notice that at times your screen cable is damaged or loose. However, the backlight and the inverter can also cause this problem. You should open the laptop only if you are familiar with PC repair and do not mind voiding the warranty.

In order to obtain the optimum results, you are advised take the laptop to a licensed technician at our Dell Service Center in Gurgaon and Dell Service Center in Noida.


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