How to Run Diagnostics on My Dell Laptop

How to do diagnostics in my dell laptop

This is the blog to bring your proper info about how to do diagnostics of your dell laptop by yourself in order to do pre assessment.

If you are a novice in using the laptop, then it is indeed very frustrating for you when your Dell laptop begins to face problems. If you are unaware about the way a laptop works, apart from checking email and accessing the Internet then any kind of hardware problems will leave you helpless. You now no longer have to fret as there is a utility tool which you can use to analyze problems related to your Dell laptop’s hardware which is built inside your Dell laptop’s operating system. Irrespective of their skill level, it has become all the more easier for anyone, to figure out what’s going on Instructions

1-You should right-click on the icon of your Dell laptop which says “My-Computer.” A drop down menu will appear. Now click “Properties.”

2-You will come across a new screen which is the “Properties” window for your Dell laptop. This screen allows you to access many utilities which are used for changing system settings. Click on the “Hardware” icon which is located at the top of the screen.

3-Now select the “Device Manager.” You will be taken to a listing of the entire hardware currently in use by your Dell Laptop. All of these devices are separated into divisions based on the type of hardware they are.

4-You should search for any listings which have an exclamation mark which has been marked in yellow. This yellow mark means that a particular device is not functioning properly.

5-On the device’s name, right click and pick the “Properties” option. You will be taken to a utility which will be able to control that piece of hardware. Whatever problem your problems,  your OS is encountering with that particular device can be seen as well as the ways and means on what you can do to fix it.

In this way you will not have to visit the Dell Service Center anywhere in delhi ncr for its diagnostics purpose.

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