How to Repair Dell Laptop Touchpad by Myself without Going Dell Service Centre Office

How to Repair Dell Laptop Touchpad by Myself without Going Dell Service Centre Office

In our daily life, we come across several scenarios when we are unable to go to the service centre. We have to take care of the problem in laptops by yourselves. Likewise, if you have Dell Laptop Touchpad damaged and you want to repair it without visiting the service station, you will have to follow some simple steps. The connector of the touchpad is connected to the motherboard and you will not be able to buy them separately.

Repairing touchpad of Dell laptop

The touchpad connector has white base and a locking and movable tab. You have to lift up the left side of the connector to unlock it. The tab opens at 90-degree angle and releases the cable, which you need to pull from the touchpad.

You can insert the cable back into the connector as the touchpad tab has connectors at the bottom, which is facing the motherboard. The cable contacts have to touch the connects of the connector so that it can work properly.  You can place a small piece of plastic, which fits into the connector. It should fit well inside the connector and the hinges to create firmness. The connector has still to be there in the system. You will be able to see the piece of plastic on the motherboard and the touchpad connector is fixed.

The piece of plastic will be able to apply pressure on the cable and establish proper connection. By doing it yourself, you will not need to visit Dell Laptop Service Center in Gurgaon.

This way, your work will not be affected in any manner. You can repair your laptop at the comfort of your home. There is no need to waste your time calling up several times at Dell Service Center in Faridabad. Just work on your own and save your valuable time and efforts.


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