Smart Glasses Takes Us One Step Closer In Accessing Wearable Computers

If you thought that wearable computing was the stuff of science fiction movies, companies like Vuzix are bringing this technology to life. With a Smart Glasses range for enterprise and entertainment; hands-free, digital eyewear is becoming an accessible option for all. Why would you want a computer directly in front of your eyes? We at Dell Service Center in Udyog Vihar Gurugram bring to you few of the benefits this latest technology. With a range designed for business and industry, Smart Glasses can increase worker productivity from the factory to the office. Through a pair of intelligent glasses, your workers get a functioning Android-based computer on the tip of their noses. With all the capabilities of a smartphone and compatible with Android apps, now they can wear their computers and leave their hands free to carry out pertinent tasks simultaneously.

In warehousing and manufacturing, workers can fulfil more orders, scanning a barcode by simply looking at it. They no longer have to stop and consult their tablet or smartphone, but have their hands free to carry out orders, load produce, or operate machinery. In fields like telemedicine, workers can recall pertinent data in instants, while helping serve patients quicker. Compatible with the almost 3 million apps available in Google Play, the wearer can use Smart Glasses for just about any program or function. They can take pictures through a high definition camera, play videos, record, and link the Smart Glasses to their phones to make calls, send messages and place orders. This can greatly speed up your company workflow.


The live streaming function is particularly helpful to employees who work in remote and hard-to-reach locations. The wearer can connect to a computer (or computers) at any location, allowing others to get a visual on exactly what the viewer is seeing in real time. This brings unsurpassed possibilities for remote tech support, employees working on an external site and first responders. With the live streaming capability, surgeons and other specialists can get an accurate visual on the situation without having to be there, or rely on voice commentary of events under stress. Remote technicians working on site can solve a problem on the first call out, without the need to assess and return. This makes for augmented worker productivity, reduced cost, and can help save lives in an accident and emergency situation.

The iWear model allows the wearer to get into the cockpit of the drone by providing a widescreen, immersive view. The screen size is the equivalent of a 125” screen viewed from 10 feet with 24-bit true color. There’s also an optional full immersion face mask for where outside distractions are not an option; making this technology suitable for the military, science and geology. With a built-in battery, the drone pilot can participate in the activity for hours, with crystal clear audio and added noise isolation. This enhances the accuracy and safety of using drone technology.

Vuzix slogan is “view the future,” but it seems as if they’re actually bringing the future  here and now. Making waves in the gaming and entertainment industry, the field of drones, medicine and enterprise. Increasing worker productivity in the factory, helping first responders do their jobs, facilitating training, and even saving lives. This is it for now, stay tuned for more interesting and knowledgeable articles. In case you have any queries regarding your laptop or computer, feel free to contact us at our Dell Laptop Repair Center in Gurugram, Delhi and other major cities.

Ransomware Alert And How To Protect Yourself Against It

In response to friday’s ransomware outbreak, which used recently revealed weaknesses in Microsoft’s Windows operating system to spread further and faster than any before, has prompted the Redmond-based developer to break its own rules on software maintenance in an effort to keep users safe. We at Dell Laptop Repair In Center in Palam Vihar Gurugram want our users to be safe from this ransomware.

The ransomware, also known as “WanaCrypt0r”, “WeCry”, “WanaCrypt” or “WeCrypt0r”, used a vulnerability in a Windows Server component to spread within corporate networks. The weakness was first revealed to the world as part of a massive dump of software vulnerabilities discovered by the NSA and then stolen by a group of hackers calling themselves “Shadow Brokers”.

Microsoft fixed the flaw shortly before the stolen data was published, leading many to conclude it had been surreptitiously tipped-off by the security agency about the existence of the flaw.

But Microsoft’s policy is that some commonly used versions of Windows no longer receive security patches; those versions include Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP, both of which have not been sold for over a decade; and Windows 8, which some users prefer to the supported Windows 8.1 because of differences between the two versions of the operating system. Typically, the company only provides support to organisations which pay expensive fees for “custom support” for these out-of-date platforms.


Once WeCry began spreading, however, Microsoft took the “highly unusual” step of releasing free security updates for those out-of-support versions of Windows, which can be downloaded from Microsoft’s website. Although, the vulnerability does not exist within Windows 10, the latest version of the software, but is present in all versions of Windows prior to that, dating back to Windows XP.

Hence, we at Dell Laptop Repair Home Service in Gurugram urge our clients as well as our readers either to upgrade as soon as possible or protect your laptops and computers at all costs. For those who have been infected, paying the ransom may seem a tempting way out of trouble. But experts recommend against doing so, arguing that not only does it not guarantee restoration of any files, but it also funds future crime. And, for now, it appears that victims agree: fewer than 100 have actually paid up.

Although, we are trying our level best at Dell Laptop Repair Center in Gurugram to find a solution for people who have been affected by the ransomware, but it seems a little too far fetched to even assume that a solution can be found. So, if you have not been affected as of now you can either take all the precaution yourself to avoid getting affected or you guys can even contact us to either upgrade your windows and even to install an antivirus in your laptop or computer to protect you from such ransomwares in the future too. Ransomwares like this are not the only reason due to which we urge our clients and readers to install a genuine windows and an antivirus, there are other threats out there too. This is it for now, stay tuned for more informative and interesting articles.

Facing Problems With Your Laptops Or PCs, Let Us Help You Out.

In today’s world everyone’s life is depended on technology or gadgets and even their laptops or computers as most of the work is either done online or digitally. At the Dell Service Center in Gurugram we provide you with best experts and experienced technicians in order to solve your issues as soon as possible without causing any inconvenience to you on our part.

Not just in Gurugram, we also provide Laptop Repair Home Service in almost all major cities. What makes us stand out in the crowd is that your convenience is what matters the most to us. Hence, we do not let you move a muscle and handle everything ourselves. All you need to do is contact us and firstly we will try to solve your problem by suggesting several steps for you to take, which will save both time and money of yours. But if that does not work our technician are always ready to help you personally, by coming to your home and sorting everything out.

Dell Service Center in Noida

From explaining to you what the problem is, to solving the problem and giving you tips on how to avoid facing such problems and future, so that you will not have to call us often. We even provide backups to make sure that your data can be recovered later on and does not get deleted in the process of repairs. At the Dell Laptop Repair Center in Gurugram we provide you assistance regarding all type of hardware as well as software updates and even offer you deal packages to make your laptop or PCs services under a pocket friendly budget.

Our technicians are well trained and are experts in their field so that you will not have to worry about anything. Apart from this we also provide speedy service at Dell Service Center in MG Road Gurugram so that none of your time gets wasted due to us and no delay is caused on our part. All we ask is that you give us a chance to serve you once and we can promise that you will absolutely love our services and will never think of getting your gadgets repaired by someone else ever. You can contact us at the above given link or even on the numbers provided in the above picture in case of any query. This is it for now, stay tuned for more technology related articles and to get tips on how to keep your Laptop problem free and always working perfectly.

Using Your Computer At The Speed Of Light & Saving Power As Well

In this age of technology, when we at Dell Service Center In Mumbai finally thought that things could not go any faster because everything has evolved too much and it will take a new revolution for things to go any further. A new type of RAM has been invented by the researchers at University of Victoria. Even though new RAMs might come and go everyday but this, as they call it LI-RAM will prove to be a breakthrough to make information processing faster, efficient and durable as compared to the present technology.

This new technology is invented and patented by the scholars as Victoria University to help people who complain about their computer either being too-slow or of blowing up smartphones. This is the type of technology that we have been waiting for, one which will make our devices fast, energy-efficient, not so hot and let us do all our work with ease. What makes this RAM so unique is that it is made of a special kind of material, made and processed at the same university, for this purpose only. This magical material is itself called LI-RAM and it works its wonder by transforming your computers to supercomputers. Maybe not so much.

Wondering why is it called LI-RAM? Well it is an abbreviation for a long and boring name that except those scientists no one will ever remember, i.e. (light induced random access memory), although at first I thought that the scientist who invented the material must have been Chinese hence the name LI-RAM. Natia Frank a material chemist from University of Canada stated, “the material known as LI-RAM (light-induced random-access memory), would use light to store and process data instead of electricity. This means computer processors would consume minimal power, discharge minimal heat and last longer.

A project that started as just a bid to overcome the “Power wall” has succeeded its capabilities way past the horizon. As stated by the developers LI-RAM would estimetly consume 10% less power according to the prevailing standards and apart form this will also process information faster. In one survet by The Hindu it was stated that information processing technologies consume almost 10% of the world’s electricity consumption and if the developers of the LI-RAM are to be belived it will cut this consumption by half.

The most unique feature of this material except from the fact that it makes our computer fast is that it rapidly changes its magnetic properties when hit with green light. This means that information can be processed and stored at the single molecule level, allowing for the development of universal memory — a technology that has, until now, been hypothetical. This material will not only come handy in the field of computers and smartphones, but will also be applicable in medical imaging, solar cells among other things. Even though it has just been invented but the talks are going on between the developers as well as several international electronics manufacturers hence LI-RAM being commercialized can be seen in near future. This is it for now, stay tuned for several other useful and informative articles.

How To Resolve Display Issues Of Your Dell Laptop

This article is powered by Dell Service Center in Palam Vihar Gurugram, which provides you all the services you need in regard to your Dell Laptops and PCs.

This article provides you with all the information regarding any issue that a display of one’s laptop or PC can face during regular usage. First of all, if your LCD or Display is is not working at all or is showing a black or blank screen or if no video is being shown on the display , then in such cases the first thing you should do is restart your Laptop or PC in order to make sure that either the start screen with the logo is being shown when you restart the machine or not. This will give you a rough idea as to whether the display is really broken or is is just malfunctioning due to some reason.

In case even if the start screen does not appear, I’m afraid to say that your display of LCD might have been damaged and should need either getting repaired or being replaced by an expert, such as provided by Laptop Repair Home Service in Gurugram. But in case the start screen is appearing, then what you should do is open the reboot menu of your system and try to boot it into VGA mode.

The steps to boot your system in VGA mode are as following:

  1. Turn the computer off.
  2. Power on the computer. When you see the brand logo appear on the screen, press the F8 key until you see the Windows Advanced Boot Menu
  3. Using the Up or Down arrow keys, highlight Enable VGA Mode. Press the Enter key.
  4. Check if the video is seen in this mode of Microsoft Windows.

Now if the display is working in the VGA mode try connecting an external display to your system to see if the problem persists or not and we can guarantee that it won’t. If after all these steps being taken you cannot pinpoint the problem then in such cases we recommend that you call in an expert so that the problem does not get worse. One of the best service providers recommended by us, for your help will be none other than Dell Service Center in Gurugram, which have the best technicians in town and will fulfil all your needs at pocket-friendly prices.

Dell Laptop Repair Service in Gurugram

We at our Dell Service Center in Gurugram believe in quality of service and satisfying our clients to the fullest. Our first priority is and always will be your satisfaction and providing you with the best services and technicians. We at our Dell Support in Gurugram always look forward to provide you technicians at your home with our Laptop Repair Home Service in Gurugram. We at Dell Laptop Repair Center in Gurugram do not believe in making customers, instead we believe in building life long relationships by providing the best to you. What makes us stand out in the crowd is that we at Dell Support in Gurugram always tend to juice up your laptops and PCs with the best and latest hardware as well as software so that they do not lack in performance. What additional benefits we give is that we always give amazing offers to our new as well as regular customers and apart from that we also give you services at the best price. We know how dear your data is to you hence, to make sure that your data is safe and you do not lose anything, we always advice our customers either to make backup of their data or we also provide backup services ourselves in case our customers need it. In order to ensure that you do not face any difficulties after repairs and that your device works smoothly, we always do several quality checks before handing your device over to you and we also inform you to check each and everything precisely yourself. We at Dell Laptop Repair Center in Gurugram have expertise in all type of repairs and services, which can range from CD And DVD Drive Problems, Hard Drive Problems, Media Card Reader Problems, Memory Problems to Laptop LCD Screen Repair Service and Optical Drive Replacement apart from other services. We even provide yearly packages to build up relations with our customers and also to win your trust if you are a new customer. We even offer an all time 10% discount to students because we know how heavy such repairs and service of your gadgets can be on your pocket. Servers, workstations, firewalls, switches, routers, printers, monitors etc all have one thing in common: Ultimately, they all will fail. When a piece of hardware is no longer useful, that is when we make a concerted effort to fix it or be in the position to replace it quickly. We guarantee to replace your parts with genuine and branded products and we also provide warranty on our parts as well as on all the services that we offer. People say the best is always the costliest, but our sole aim at Dell Service Center in Gurugram is to prove such sayings wrong, by proving best services and support at an very affordable and reasonable price so that you do not have to worry about your gadgets anymore.

How to resolve the wifi issue of your dell laptop

Dell Laptop Service Center Blog

Wireless Networks are the best options when it comes to accessing the internet on your laptop. It can be considered to be one of the reliable means of accessing internet. However, the technology relies on radio signals, and that makes it susceptible to issues. You may encounter issues like hardware malfunctioning, signal errors or range issues among others. We would list out the possible WiFi connectivity issues you may be facing with your WiFi network and fixes for the same.

Step 1. Check if you have switched off WiFi

Silly as it may seem, but we tend to forget in a hurry to switch the WiFi button on. May high-end laptops come with a separate switch or button for switching the WiFi feature on. Switching it on would enable you to get the WiFi connectivity on your laptop.

Some laptops have the Aeroplane mode or Flight mode on it. You…

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